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Mission/Vision Statment

Mission: Olive Hill Council for Planning and Restoration (CPR) is a volunteer group of citizens seeking to rebuild and revitalize the community by making it attractive to residents and tourists by offering retail choices and employment opportunities.

Vision: Olive Hill will be a community attractive to residents and tourists offering retail choices and employment opportunities.

Trail Town Mission/Vision Statements

Mission: The Olive Hill Trail Town Task Force will establish trails for hikers, bikers, horse back riders, and paddlers alike to create a place for recreation and family fun.

Vision: Our vision is to raise the standard of living for Olive Hill through the use of Trail Town to attract tourist and businesses.

About Us

Olive Hill CPR is a leadership group made up of volunteer citizens and city officials dedicated to facilitating a process of recovery and renewal for OH. Our job is to: 1) gather information from residents on concerns and ideas for future improvements, 2) work to develop a long-term plan to make the community's priorities become reality, including identification of relevant funding sources, and 3) see to it that the plan is implemented. What makes this process different from other city plans we've had is that we are getting professional guidance (from FEMA, at no cost to the city), which will include providing information re: possible funding. Participation is open, and as the process moves along there will be increasing need for volunteers.

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For more information, contact: City of Olive Hill Office of Community Development: (606) 286-5533 Ext. 22

Debra Baker Harman, President, Olive Hill Council for Planning and Restoration: